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We stand at the forefront of the next generation of mining, support services, construction, enginering and  equipment rental in Ghana..

Popo-Cee-Popo Global Investment Limited Company.

Popo-Cee-Popo Global Investment Limited Company (PCPG) is a wholly privately-owned Ghanaian company incorporated on November 20, 2020 with registration number CS214622020.

Small & large Scale Mining.

We are a highly competent, low-cost mining service provider with focus on gold mining. Our experience with all types of mining projects includes surface and underground mines. Our team has a proven track record of creating value for shareholders through our effective mining works.

Mining Support Services.

As a trusted mining partner, Popo-Cee-Popo Global Investment Limited provides mining support solutions help customers to meet their challenges and thereby enable to set new benchmarks within the mining industry.

Equipment Rental, Hiring and Leasing Services

We have a fleet of readily available, well maintained earthmoving machines, trucks and equipment to be hired out to clients.

Mineral Brokerage,Gold Trading and Exports

The company buys and sells gold bars from 85% up. Gold Bars are bought from several small scale mines. We buy and sell gold on daily spot.

Capital Finance Investment

We provides clients, mines and gold producers with a complete 360 degree solution and also provide financing to small and medium scale mining project.


Mining project teams are under pressure now more than ever to save time and money while improving safety and the bottom line. It is all possible, with one call to POPO-CEE-POPO. We provide custom solutions that reduce the duplicated efforts common with multiple contractors on a site, allowing clients to optimize their resources, lower their costs, and execute projects more efficiently. Clients can rely on a single point of contact for all equipment, operators, support services, and maintenance requirements needed to execute on a mine site.

Why choose Us?

Choosing to Popo-Cee-Popo for your mining and equipment rental services, means you are ensuring to get the best of equipments, expertise and good safety as well as working conditions for all your projects.  


We provide the highest levels of knowledge and experience in all areas of our business. We hire qualified, skilled personnel to provide the expertise customers need.


We provide after hiring service to our customers important to us we strive to always provide our customers with the best service.

Safety First

Safety is our first value, and our primary objective is to operate the business free of occupational injury and harm.

Engineering and Construction Services.


PoPo-Cee-PoPo Global Investment Limited is keenly aware of the abilities of the construction, mining and engineering in transforming Ghana’s economy; therefore, we are excited about the prospect of continuing our business in the fast-growing minerals sector. 

Security and Safety

The manpower of PoPo-Cee-PoPo Global investment Limited is its most valuable resource. To ensure a safe workplace for PoPo-Cee-PoPo Global investment Limited staff and to protect clients’ investment and facilities, the company has evolved a strong health and safety culture driven by a goal to achieve “zero accidents” and “zero man -hours lost”. 

Quality Assurance Control

The company carries out civil, steel works, maintenance and mechanical construction and development in public and private works to maintain and enhance PoPo-Cee-PoPo Global investment Limited reputation.

Partners and Clients

Popo-cee-Popo has successfully worked with many clients during our history. We enjoy cordial business relations with several mining companies, government institutions and corporate clients. Some of our clients include:

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